Placing our client's needs ahead of our own, JMA ensures that the work progresses in accordance with the schedule and the owner's criteria are being met.

  • “The entire building process went better than either of us could have imagined. JMA's work ethic and sense of responsibility is of an extremely professional caliber.”
    JMA client, homeowner
  • “JMA is a general contractor with great superintendents, the best follow-up and the utmost integrity.”
    JMA client, homeowner
  • “At every level of their operation, I am continually impressed with Jim Murphy and Associates... they are the local standard that I wish all construction companies would aspire toward.”
    Jim McCalligan, Architect, James McCalligan Architect
  • “Open and honest, JMA showed clear, professional thinking, from start to finish. Their service was top notch — at the top of any list I could compile.”
    Sara Woodfield, AIA, Architect, Santa Rosa
  • “JMA is among the best general contractors we've worked with. Their service is personalized, of the highest quality, and they keep our clients happy.”
    Richard Beard, BAR Architects, San Francisco
  • “Let your creativity flow. The words can't and impossible are not part of the vocabulary on a JMA project. Implementation is a smooth, careful and professional process that is a pleasure to be part of.”
    Kris Sunderlage, Exteriors Landscape Architecture
  • “It was an enjoyable experience working with JMA. Everything came together very nicely — the results are terrific.”
    Tom Taylor, Architect Taylor Lombardo Architects, San Francisco
  • “JMA is professional and believes in the importance of the customer's vision, likes and dislikes.”
    Jessie Whitesides, AIA, Architect

Distinctive Homes


We believe that by gaining a true understanding of our clients' priorities and desires for their new homes, the construction phase goes faster, easier, and far more cost-effectively.